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One-woman protest calls for Hales, Renner Accountability

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – While the council was inside, a Bloomington woman sat outside of City Hall Monday, with signs calling for the arrest of Mayor Tari Renner and City Manager David Hales.

Regina Noland says she’s angry about both the investigation into Renner’s credit card use and the investigation into allegations of theft from Bloomington’s arena. She thinks city leaders need to be held accountable.

She hopes her outrage will encourage more people to get involved in local government.

“If I could just get one person that would start coming to the city council meetings and get outraged about what’s going on, then it’s all worth it,” said Noland.

Although she put out a Facebook event, inviting others to join her, Noland says she’s fine with fighting on her own. She says she just wants more people to be aware of what’s happening in city government.

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