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Chris Long Explains What Anthem Protests Are About, Says Messaging Getting Lost

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long appears on this week’s episode of Off The Board with Jimmy Traina. During the interview, Long, who has been vocal about supporting players who have taken a knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to inequality and social injustice, discussed many aspects of the issue, including the point of the protests, Donald Trump’s motivation for getting involved and much more.

On whether he’s surprised by how things have spun out of control:

“It’s been chaotic. You had the initial purpose for the protest, which is criminal justice reform and increase police accountability. Players pushing to get things passed legislatively that will improve their communities and that push for equality. That kind of gets lost in the messaging of the media a lot of times. Obviously not everybody in the media is crumbling the messaging, but when you read headlines like ‘Protesting the national anthem,’ etc., I think people lose sight of what’s going on, which is players using their best platform that they have to bring attention to these things they want to talk about.

I talked to some people before where it’s like, ‘Why don’t you use another forum.’ These guys are using this forum because if you stood in an open locker room and in the corner and said, ‘Hey, I want to talk about social injustice,’ nobody would come over and talk to you. They want to talk about football and or what’s up next week, who you’re playing, how you’ played on Sunday. So this is the opportunity for NFL players to seize the platform and obviously the discussion’s been raging.”

On the NFL forcing players to stand for the anthem:

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