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Knee-in planned for Panthers Thursday night game

– Organizers of the Tuesday night ‘kneel-in’ protest at the Bank of America Stadium say they want police brutality and racial injustice to be at the forefront of fans minds as they entered the stadium tonight, but not everyone supported their efforts to kneel during the national anthem.

“This is a peaceful protest,” said an organizer.

About 50 protesters stood outside Bank of America Stadium as thousands of football fans walked past to get inside.

“We pray now god for unity, black and brown and every other color,” a pastor said.

The night began with prayer, but ended with kneeling and fists in the air as the national anthem played inside the stadium.

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Those who attended the protest held up signs demanding change at how police officers approach minorities.

Henry Lee was among those kneeling Thursday night. He showed up with his sign at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

“Let’s do the right thing. I am speaking to all the African males because there is what it’s all about. We are the ones lying in the street. We are the ones being gunned down,” Lee said.

The kneeling meant to convey a message of peace is not sitting well with some football fans, who say it’s disrespectful to the flag and country.

But supporters of Thursday night’s kneel-in say the protest could be worse.

“They are not shouting, they are not cursing, they are not wearing anything negative they are not holding up any posters that is going against anyone’s religion,” one attendee said.

Police were standing by tonight. Other than a few shouts from opposing sides, there were no major incidents.

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