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Romanian health workers protest against tax plan

Some 7,000 Romanian public sector health workers have demonstrated in Bucharest, demanding the government scraps a plan to make workers pay more social security taxes.

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Protesters from all over Romania gathered in a central square Thursday, blowing whistles and vuvuzelas. They urged the government to scrap the measure scheduled for next year and marched to the government’s main offices.

Erzsebet Dobro, a nurse from the central city of Sfantu Gheorghu said: “Our wages will be cut… It won’t be worth working in the health sector anymore.”

Bucharest nurse Dorina Mantu, 51, who earns 1,700 lei ($440) a month said: “We have among the lowest wages. Why should I pay more taxes to the state?”

Under the new plan, social welfare taxes currently paid by employers would be transferred to employees.

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