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Respect the right of those who speak and protest

Recently while conversing with some fellow veteran friends, the NFL protests by some players during our national anthem was bought up.

Some felt this protest was disrespectful to them and those veterans who paid an even greater sacrifice, with their lives, to our country.

Our flag and anthem are symbols of our great country. These symbols do not make us great. It’s our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our melting pot of people that make us great that we must continue to defend.

If we hear that some of our fellow citizens, many of them veterans, are being treated by a few bad policemen unfairly, we must respond to that problem.

While it would be preferable to bring this problem to everyone’s attention without any disrespect to our symbols, this is certainly preferable to giving up the right of freedom of speech or protest.

To truly honor our country and its veterans by standing at attention with your right hand over your heart, all of our veterans must be included, as well as all of our country’s greatest principles and rights, which include the right to protest injustices.

After all, how can you show respect for my service without also respecting my African-American buddies who fought with me?

So please consider America’s proud heritage and people before condemning the actions of those who want to right a wrong and make our country even greater by further reducing this racist problem that has too long reflected on all of us.

Stephen Anderson


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