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Campaigners stage protest against shops selling animal fur clothing

CAMPAIGNERS gathered outside clothes shops in Abergavenny to protest against selling fur products.

Cardiff Vegan Action Group protested outside three clothes shops – Extons, Ruby Redz and Alison Tod Couture Milliner on Saturday.

The group said they found evidence the shops were selling animal fur clothing. Activists handed out leaflets to shoppers in what they described as a “peaceful protest.”

Vikki Fauna, from the group, said: “The animals are farmed in appalling conditions and skinned alive.

“It is absolutely disgusting and cruel and there is no need for people to be wearing fur. We handed out leaflets helping to educate people on how unnecessary it is. The response we had from the public was amazing.”

Charlotte Exton, co-owner of Extons clothes shop, said they had three animal fur hats in stock, but that they have now been removed from sale. She said the shop was not aware about how the hats were manufactured when they were ordered last year and that no animal fur products have been ordered this year.

She added: “Our supplier has reassured us that they are ethically sourced but we have taken the decision not to stock them again. Our 2017 hats are made from wool with faux fur pom poms.”

She said she would have liked activists to contact her before the protest to explain the ‘misunderstanding.’

A spokeswoman for Alison Tod Couture Milliner said retailers in the town work to create a “wonderful experience” for visitors.

She added: “It was very disappointing that a number individuals are prepared to cause distress and disturbance, mocking and intimidating respectable caring, locals, business owners and employees as well as tourists with personal and offensive comments, behaviour and language to the detriment of their cause, which they have continued via social media. We agree with the cause but not the methods. We do not believe in animal cruelty and only stock products from reputable suppliers. Our high quality faux fur is often mistaken as real, being one of the products of which we are proudest and we believe it has a significant place in the future of fashion.”

Ruby Redz did not respond to requests for comment.

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