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Papa John's Apologized for Blaming Poor Pizza Sales on the NFL …

Papa John’s wants to iron out any confusion about whose side it’s on.

First, CEO John Schnatter accused the NFL of hurting the chain’s sales and profits with its ongoing protests, leading to the Daily Stormer giving the pizza the designation of official pizza of the alt-right. Papa John’s (pzza) wasn’t too hot on this appointment, and sought to distance itself by saying that the chain condemns “racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it.”

Unfortunately, the statement wasn’t enough to dispel the bad image Papa John’s has been developing over the last two weeks. So the chain took to Twitter Tuesday night to clarify their stance once and for all.

In a series of tweets, Papa John’s explained that Schnatter’s comments were intended only to describe the factors that impact the business, and reasserted the company’s belief in the right to protest inequality.

While the company sought to distance itself from Schnatter’s earlier remarks, Papa John’s did not shy away from sharing its feeling towards neo-Nazis. In the last tweet in the series, Papa John’s said that it is open to working with anyone to “find a positive way forward.” But not neo-Nazis—“fuck those guys,” it concluded, appropriately using the middle finger emoji.

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