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Race comments: Regret offered by teacher-activist

Re: “McCarthy’s racial comments disrupt mayoral campaign,” (TNT, 11/1).

Now that Tacoma is past the passions of the 2017 election, I wish to address an article the TNT wrote about off-the-cuff comments I made on Facebook.

First, let me state plainly that I regret having made reference to Malcolm X’s speech, because the civil rights leader’s words were provocative then and remain provocative now.

However, it is clear to me that my reference was misunderstood —or deliberately misrepresented — by overzealous supporters of a particular mayoral candidate (the TNT included).

Perhaps the appropriate analogy of a white man referencing Malcolm X’s speech is this: “It is OK for me to criticize my family, but don’t you dare do it.” Fair enough.

However, my broad point was that I side with working families of whatever color or creed, which supporters of Big Money agendas somehow fail to appreciate.

Friends of all ethnicities who actually know me as a teacher and a union activist have said that accusations of racism are absurd.

Again, I regret any hurt that my reference to a civil rights leader’s speech have caused, and will be sure to make sure my own words touch the wisdom tooth before leaving my mouth in the future.

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