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Environmental activists airbrushed from protest history

We were among the seven campaigners first sentenced to 28 days’ imprisonment in 1993 for protesting against the building of the M3 through Twyford Down. These direct action protests at Twyford Down from 1992 to 1995 kickstarted the modern-day environmental direct action movement from which today’s fracking protests have emerged.

Protesters were later jailed for taking part in the direct action against the M11 link road in east London and the Newbury bypass, and for protesting against field trials of genetically modified organisms. The real difference between the punishment of road protesters in the 1990s and of anti-fracking protesters today is the length of the sentences.
Rebecca Lush, Simon Fairlie, Emma Must, Phil Pritchard and Jason Torrance

Now we know: peacefully protest against fracking, and you’ll get 15 months in jail.

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