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The regime overseen by Commons Speaker John Bercow (pictured in Parliament) was hammered in the report as Dame Laura Cox blasted the

Three Tory MPs QUIT Commons group in protest at Speaker John Bercow

Fresh pressure was heaped on Speaker John Bercow to quit today after three Tory MPs quit a key Commons group in protest in the wake of the bullying row rocking Parliament.

Will Quince, Mims Davies and Anne MIlton all resigned from the Commons Reference Group on Representation and Inclusion group in protest at Mr Bercow’s chairmanship.

‘However, in light of the Dame Laura Cox Report sadly I cannot, in good conscience, remain as a member of the Group while John Bercow is Chair.

A spokeswoman for the Speaker’s Office said: ‘It is with regret, the Speaker has accepted the resignations of three members of the Commons Reference Group, which was set up to make Parliament a more comfortable and welcoming place for women and other under-represented groups to work.

She added: ‘There were reports too of groups of male MPs becoming increasingly boorish on occasions when they were together, of frequent sexual innuendos, lewd comments or sexual gestures, or women repeatedly being asked questions about their sex lives, or about their personal lives generally, which they found offensive and humiliating.

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