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The protesters say the US envoy

Another protest held over US consul’s remarks

Around 30 people on Friday marched to the US Consulate in Central as protests continued over recent comments by Consul General Kurt Tong, with demonstrators saying the envoy is interfering in the internal affairs of the SAR.

The march was organised by a group called Real HongKongers’ View.

The group’s spokesman Jason Lam said US General Consul Kurt Tong’s remarks raising concerns about Hong Kong’s future may affect companies doing business or wanting to set up shop in Hong Kong.

Tong had said incidents like the banning of a political party, disqualification of election candidates and expulsion of a foreign journalist were causes for concern regarding the One Country, Two Systems principle and that would affect Hong Kong’s status as an international business centre.

Lam said the decisions taken by the Hong Kong government were lawful and most Hongkongers welcomed these steps.

“He should know as a US government representative in Hong Kong, he should not comment on other countries’ internal affairs. Because those business is none of their business,” Lam said.

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