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Hundreds Turn Out for Anti Hate Protest in Manhattan

Hundreds Turn Out for Anti Hate Protest in Manhattan

It’s a problem that has sparked some of the darkest moments in human history: hate. Protesters in Foley Square in lower Manhattan yesterday said it’s not a thing of the past. Instead, it’s alive and thriving and it must stop. That’s why they took to the street to advocate for democracy and equality.

 “It seems to me that fascism is burgeoning in plain sight and I think it’s important [people] like ourselves to stand up for that,” said Robert Ayers, a protestor who showed up to the event with a sign. “Nobody else is going to do it. This is up to the ordinary people of New York City.”

He and hundreds of others took to the showed up on Saturday, calling for an end to fascism and all forms of discrimination.

Many at the event pointed to President Trump’s immigration policies and tough talk of his opponents as part of the problem.

“You can be a citizen of this country and just because you look Hispanic or fit the profile, they want to arrest you, detain you,” said Jonathan Zurita, another protestor at the event. “I don’t like that. That’s racist. For me, everyone should have an equal opportunity to live and be free in America.”

Many people at the rally told NY1 the protest is especially important following the deadly mosque attacks in New Zealand. They say it’s just another example of why they must fight against hate.

On Friday, a loan shooter killed 49 people and injured nearly two dozen others at two mosques in New Zealand. Organizers say the hate-filled terror attack should be a wakeup call.

“We are in a very scary place right now and we definitely need to reflect,” said the rally organizer, Maya Murad. “We need to spread awareness and educate our neighbors, our children, friends and colleagues how certain things make other people feel.”

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