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I believe the LGBT lessons protest in Birmingham was spearheaded by white right wingers, not Muslims

I believe the LGBT lessons protest in Birmingham was spearheaded by white right wingers, not Muslims

I have a hunch that the demonstrations at the Birmingham school are spearheaded by white right wingers with an interest in stirring discontent. I do not for one minute believe that the majority of practising Muslim parents are party to the protests. So, thank you, Andrea Carlo, your article has filled the gap I have just complained about. We need more like you!

Joanna Pallister​
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Good work, Robert Fisk

Wonderful article on the Egyptian trade unions. More of this kind of reporting, please.

Mariam Kamis​
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Nobody cares about us

This morning I listened to the BBC’s World Service news headlines at 8.30am. Brexit and the parliamentary crisis were not mentioned at all. Perhaps this is a true perspective and reflection of the UK’s position in the world. Surely it is better for us to remain with the friends we have than cast ourselves off into an ocean that has absolutely no interest in us at all?

Gillian Coates

Not impressed with Grieve

Seems to me Dominic Grieve doesn’t like any kind of democratic vote. He now throws the toys out of his pram because he is about to be deselected by his local Conservative Party. Dominic, just do what you did in the European Referendum and ignore the result and go and sulk in the corner.

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Beware a return to violence in Northern Ireland

Over the past three years, I have not heard any workable solution to the Irish-EU / Northern Ireland-UK border problem from anyone of any political party on the Leave side of the Brexit debate.

It is blindingly obvious to everyone with half a brain that the only way Brexit can happen without a return to sectarian violence in Northern Ireland (and the huge social and economic cost to the rest of the UK as a result) is for Northern Ireland to leave the UK. Is this what the majority of Brexiteers want?

John Hamill 
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Not a homogenous group

Why does anybody (apart from ERG head-bangers, yellow-vest demonstrators, and Theresa May) imagine that the famous 17.4 million are a solid phalanx of like-minded people united on either Rees-Mogg’s or the prime minister’s version of Brexit? Why, given the referendum campaign promises three years ago, might half of them not want a Ken Clarke customs union Brexit, or Common Market 2.0, or a Labour front bench Brexit? Is there any evidence whatever of Leave voters’ actual views on what form Brexit should take? I can see why the cabinet is not asking this question, but why isn’t Labour asking it?

Richard Gravil

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