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Police intervene as Christians protest air travel over Easter weekend

(Photo: Climate Change Action)Phil Kingston being escorted from Paddington Station by police after defacing a train with climate change messages

Christian protesters were led away by police from London’s Paddington Station after they used chalk spray paint to write a call for government action on climate change onto the side of a Heathrow-bound train.

The members of Christian Climate Action (CCA) defaced the Heathrow Express train on Good Friday as part of the controversial Extinction Rebellion that have brought parts of London to a standstill for the last week. 

The message was spray painted by pensioners Phil and Sheila Kingston after they crossed the barriers at Paddington Station in central London. 

They spray painted Extinction Rebellion symbols and the slogan ‘Flying Crucifies Creation’ before being escorted off the premises by police officers.

CCA members also took part in a Good Friday service in front of the Heathrow Express train, during which they sang hymns, read the Passion narrative and prayed for creation. 

Mr Kingston, an 83-year-old former parole officer from Bristol said: “This act is for my grandchildren. They mean the world to me and my heart breaks for the terrible inheritance that we are leaving them. Why are we expanding Heathrow when we are in a climate emergency?”

(Photo: Christian Climate Action)Members of Christian Climate Action hold a Good Friday vigil in Paddington Station

Sheila Kingston, a retired teacher, 80, said: “It is crucial that governments hear this important message this Easter. We are doing this because we are desperate. I don’t know what else to do to make them listen?”

Last Thursday, CCA member the Rev Sue Parfitt, 77, was arrested along with other Extinction Rebellion campaigners as they staged a protest at Oxford Circus. 

She said she was prepared to be arrested if it meant that more action would be taken by those in power to address climate change.

“It has been such a sweltering hot day today. We have all been sharing sun cream and water but I would really rather be at home in the shade. The only reason I’m here is because this is an emergency and we must take action now,” she said.

“That’s why I’m prepared to be arrested. If it makes people in power pay attention and it ends the suffering of climate breakdown it will be worthwhile.”

Elsewhere, CCA campaigners celebrated Maundy Thursday by washing the feet of people taking part in the Extinction Rebellion protest.

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