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Students from Beloit Memorial hold protest against administration

BELOIT, Wis. – Students from Beloit Memorial High School held a peaceful protest outside of school Tuesday morning.

The students were protesting the mishandling of several situations, namely the several sexual assaults that allegedly happened on a school sponsored trip earlier this month.

One of the leaders of the protest says she was upset with the district seemingly brushing off the incident.

“Right now they’re just allegations, but you still have to treat allegations like allegations,” said Gloria Heiss. “You really haven’t done anything to this kid besides a three-day suspension.”

Last week, district administrators issued a statement saying they couldn’t comment on anything regarding the alleged assaults, because the student accused is a minor.

Members of the school board say they weren’t informed of the allegations, and that they don’t determine disciplinary actions outside of expulsions.

“From a student’s perspective, it kind of feels like my district is falling apart from around me,” said Heiss.

“None of us are afraid to make our voices heard,” said Harley Stevens, another student protester. “It really makes you think about if they really do care about us.”

School Board President Pam Charles says that state law prevents her from commenting on the accused student, but did issue a statement Tuesday, saying “This continues to be under investigation by our district administrators. I hope the public can appreciate the district cannot comment on anything under investigation or protected by students’ federal rights to confidentiality.”

Interim Superintendent Tony Bosco is too busy to comment on the situation Tuesday, School District of Beloit communications specialist Brian Vissers said.

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