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Trump UK visit: Owen Jones takes aim in SHOCKING rant and vows protest | UK | News

Trump UK visit: Owen Jones takes aim in SHOCKING rant and vows protest | UK | News

Buckingham Palace today announced a planned state visit for US President Donald Trump, which is expected to be hosted by the Queen either at her London residence or Windsor Castle. Guardian Columnist Owen Jones vowed to protest the US President’s visit in the streets of London similar to Mr Trump’s last trip to the UK. While on Sky News Mr Jones insisted that Mr Trump’s election had “emboldened” racists all around the world.

Mr Jones began by saying: “Countless presidents didn’t get the honour of a state visit.

“No one is saying that we should cut off ties with the United States.

“But we are saying that if Donald Trump uses the bully pulpit of the US presidency, the most powerful man on the earth, to whip up hatred against Muslims, LGBTQ people, against refugees, against migrants and against women with his track record of misogyny.

“Then we will come out in great numbers to say that we oppose his anti-climate change policies, his pro elite policies and it is about Trump-ism.

“Let’s be honest, a lot of the things I’m talking about there they are not just American phenomenon they are happening in this country as well.

“The election of Donald Trump emboldened every racist on the face of the earth.

“But we are saying we are fighting back, we are taking to the streets and we are showing there is an alternatives to scapegoating these minorities to injustices caused by the powerful.”

Mr Trump and his wife Melania will be guests of the Queen during the three-day visit, which will begin on June 3.

The announcement comes more than two years after Prime Minister Theresa May extended a full state invitation for Mr Trump in January 2017 shortly after he took up office. 

President Trump’s UK visit in July 2018 was not officially a state visit amid huge protests held across the country against the President’s arrival. 

However, when US President touched down at London Stanstead with wife Melania Trump on July 12 last year, the Republican firebrand enjoyed many of the trappings associated with a formal state visit.

Mr Trump’s predecessors Barrack Obama and George W Bush were welcomed with state visits during their presidencies. 

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