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Extinction Rebellion block traffic, cause chaos

Dozens of protesters have swarmed Brisbane’s CBD this morning, blocking roads and throwing the city’s morning traffic into chaos.

The protest was organised by Extinction Rebellion, a global activist group aiming to bring awareness to the world’s “sixth mass extinction” brought on by climate change.

In a statement last night, the group admitted it would block Brisbane’s morning peak hour traffic to “cause congestion and disruption”.

“Respectful nonviolent civil disobedience has been shown to be the most effective form of demanding change,” Extinction Rebellion said.

“We cause disruption to society in order to allow our population to consider the climate emergency and what they will do about it, as this will affect us all and we must act now.”

Police are attending the protest, which kicked off just before 8am.

Commuters are already reporting massive delays with the state’s road authority urging drivers to stay away from the CBD.

“This will cause congestion throughout the city and we recognise some people may be late to work. We are deeply sorry to those affected but we do this because the Australian government’s inaction of the climate crisis will affect Australian’s much more,” Extinction Rebellion said.

The group’s tactic is to enter an intersection at a set of lights and stand there for 10 minutes, blocking traffic.

The group will then exit the road for the next three minutes to “let those most affected through then repeat for the duration of the morning traffic”.

Extinction Rebellion warned it would continue to disrupt traffic and the city in similar ways in the lead-up to “Rebellion Day” on August 6 “where thousands of people will shut Brisbane City down demanding appropriate action on the climate catastrophe”, the group warned.

The group has already hit Brisbane multiple times, most recently gluing a canoe to the middle of a road on June 27.

Two of Extinction Rebellion’s members also glued themselves to another intersection on June 18.

The pair, Sergio and Ebony, locked their hands together in a metal pipe and glued the pipe to the road.

Ebony, who wore an anti-Adani shirt, said she was blocking the road to “take a stand against extinction”.

“I’m not fighting, I’m speaking up for Mother Earth. We have to stop all of this bulls**t that’s hurting. We can all feel it. We cannot lie anymore, we have to tell the truth,” she said via social media.

Adani declared earlier this month it was full steam ahead for its controversial mega coal mine in central Queensland after the state government issued the final approval needed to begin construction.

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