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'Lennon Walls' appear across Hong Kong

‘Lennon Walls’ appear across Hong Kong

Lennon Walls have popped up from the financial district to Lantau island, where the airport is situated.

In Tai Po, a district about halfway between the downtown area and the border with China, an underpass was converted into a “Lennon tunnel”, with pastel yellow, blue, pink and white messages across the walls.

“Go Hong Kong!” some said. “Free Hong Kong,” said others.

“No rioting, only tyranny” was another message, a reference to the government’s labelling of actions during a demonstration on June 12 as rioting. Police responded that day by firing tear gas, rubber bullets and bean bag rounds.

Kelly, a 19-year-old political science student, said the wall at Hong Kong University served as a reminder.

“We want everyone in HKU or nearby to understand what happened in Hong Kong in the past month, and we just hope to remind people that this government … can’t kill our spirit, our values, what we treasure the most,” she said.

Some of the messages went beyond small square notes.

At more than one Lennon Wall, protesters taped pictures of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and pro-Beijing lawmakers to the floor to create “democracy dance pads” – and invited people to stomp on the images to music.

One innovative protester hung a flip-flop on a string, taped it to the wall, encouraging people to fling it at a picture of Lam, according to an image on Facebook.

One pink Post-it note bore a simple personal message: “Marry me, Jess.”

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