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Immigration Protest Continue in Central Falls

Immigration Protest Continue in Central Falls

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (WPRI)-Protestors say they are returning to Wyatt Detention Facility, the for-profit prison in Central Falls that has partnered with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain migrants caught in Trump’s escalating attacks.

Last month 18 people were arrested during a protest outside the Rhode Island detention facility used by federal immigration officials.

In that protest, about 200 people gathered outside the facility in Central Falls to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

The protest was part of a national campaign by the national Jewish youth movement Never Again.

Among those arrested for blocking vehicle access to the facility was Aaron Regunberg, a former state representative and lieutenant governor candidate.

As of three weeks ago, there were 120 federal immigration detainees at Wyatt.

The group says, “we will not accept state-sponsored violence against immigrant families, and we will not allow local Rhode Island institutions to continue partnering with ICE in perpetrating this violence.”

They added, “we will cry out in protest against the horrors that our government – with the help of profit-seeking partners like the bondholders of the Wyatt prison – are imposing on immigrants and refugees, right here and right now. We cry out for the appalling conditions in the camps on the border. And we cry out for the hundreds of children in Mississippi, who came home from school last week to find that ICE took their parents, leaving them with trauma no child should ever have to endure.”

The facility released a statement saying, “As numerous audits and reviews show, Wyatt has been subjected to constant scrutiny and oversight, and has been found to be operating well — providing safe, clean, and humanitarian conditions for its staff and detainees. The primary mission of the Wyatt is to securely and humanely house detainees sent to the facility by referring partner agencies including the USMS, ICE, and the United States Navy. The Wyatt plays no role in the policies of the federal government.”

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