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Extinction Rebellion Perth climate change protest


Donning purple sashes and baskets of lavender Janet Bailey and Anneke de Rooij said their role in the Extinction Rebellion was to calm down people who got too emotional.

“I’m out here today to get try to get the government to acknowledge the seriousness of the climate change situation,” Ms Bailey said.

“The science is very clear that we are heading for a very bad time if we don’t do something immediately.”

Ms de Rooij said the stand at Parliament felt like “a last resort” for her.

“[We’re] making a declaration of rebellion because, as it stands, the government is not representing us and not looking after us as citizens of Australia.”

Ms de Rooij said the last election was the turning point for her.

“There reached point around the last election where I felt like voting wasn’t working,” she said.

“Things I thought was helping like living a sustainable lifestyle really was the smallest drop in the ocean of making a difference.”


One Ravensthorpe 21-year-old man said he believed all levels of government needed to provide financial assistance to farmers to encourage them to grow more trees.

Corey, who prefer not to share his surname, said he was passionate about sustainability and was studying the topic at Murdoch University.

“I believe there’s a lot of inaction is currently going on and there’s too much focus on economic power,” he said.

“What I believe needs to be done is the government needs to subsidise farmers to build tree nurseries to grow out bio-fuel through multi-cropping methods and that way we won’t have to depend too much on oil.

“I’ve spent most of my time in Ravensthorpe. I’ve seen the droughts and the floods. Something needs to be done, especially for the farmers out there.”


So who are Extinction Rebellion?

The group has grabbed international headlines in recent months after a series of protests led to traffic chaos in several major cities.

Some people have resorted to gluing themselves to the London Stock Exchange as part of the movement. More than 70 people were arrested in Brisbane last week during a protest organised by the group.

About 1000 people were arrested in April after protests in London led to bridges being blocked.


Climate change activist from the controversial group Extinction Rebellion are gathering for a rally State Parliament today to demand action on climate change

Some Perth-based members have previously said they were willing to break the law and put their reputations on the line.

“I have to act now as a citizen for this generation and for future generations,” mother and public health researcher Heath Greville said.

“We are prepared to protest, we are prepared to break the law, we are prepared to sacrifice money and our reputations through getting a criminal record to make this clear to the Government this is such a serious matter.”

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