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About Us

What is this website?

We Resist is a website created to impartially archive protest-related news.

Isn’t it illegal to post other people’s news?

We only post an absolute maximum of the first five paragraphs of an article.  We always link back to the original article.  We are not making any profit from ads or sponsors.  If any news source wishes for us to remove their articles on copyright grounds, they need only make contact and we’ll comply with their request.

What is your policy regarding ads?

We have no ads, no sponsored links, no boosted content, no paywalls.  The purpose of the website is to present news, not to create a profit.

So you run at a loss?


I came here from Twitter, why am I no longer being directed straight to the original source?

Often, the original source will be full of ads, or paywalls.  We aim to present the news without any such annoyances.  Also, in the future, we aim to provide a place for people to comment on the news without having to hand over their details to news sources which may sell their information on.

You won’t ever sell on my information?


Why are some of the articles badly formatted, or short?

Owing to the fact that there is so much protest-related news, we do not have the time or the resources to check each individual article.  Articles are posted automatically.  Sometimes bugs will emerge, and we need your help to spot them.  If you find any issues, please let us know.